Finisher Medals

Due to overwhelming demand, we will be offering official Turtle Krawl Finisher Medals to anyone interested who registers online by July 31 while supplies last. Rather than raise the prices for all registrations and giving finisher medals to everyone (or keeping registration fees low and giving finisher medals to no one), we have decided to make finisher medals optional, available only to those who pre-order them. The medals cost $15 $18 each, which will be added to your registration fee.

*The price change from $15 to $18 is due to us having to pay the manufacturer more for medals ordered after the initial pre-order period.

Finisher Medals will only be given to those who pre-order them and physically participate in the Turtle Krawl 5k. These are finisher medals, after all! To claim your medal after you finish the race, show your bib number to our volunteers in the large pavilion at the far north end of Nance Park, next to the awards area. Again, you must physically participate in the Turtle Krawl in order to receive your finisher medal, and their cost is non-refundable.

Note: These are the exact same medals our Award Winners will receive, only silver instead of gold. Here is the 2015 design (click it to see a fun animation):