Space Coast Runners

We are happy to announce that the Turtle Krawl has once again been selected to be part of the Space Coast Runners’¬†2019-2020 Runner of the Year Series. This season will mark the 37th year of the SCR ROY Series and the this year the Turtle Krawl will be the third race.

According to the Runner of the Year section of the Space Coast Runners’ website:

“The Space Coast Runners’ Runner of The Year (ROY) Series is a collection of local races at which club members can earn points based on their finish or for participation. These points are then totaled at the end of the series and the runner with the highest point totals (overall and age groups) is considered the club’s Runner of The Year. The purpose of the series is to determine the “best” runners during the past year by his or her performance at selected races. The races are selected so as not to favor runners who excel at only one distance or for only a few months. The rules are designed to encourage participation in these events yet allow for recovery between races. Additionally, the Space Coast Runners believe that the series helps to encourage race directors to put on quality races and promotes the running of these races, both of which benefit members and other runners. The series also promotes and rewards club members for supporting club-sanctioned races.”

For more information, including eligibility, the points system, awards, this year’s standings and prior years’ results, please visit the official¬†SCR ROY Rules page.

Space Coast Runners’ Members are entitled to a $3 discount on their Turtle Krawl Registration. You can sign up for an SCR membership here.